Sunday, October 30, 2011

E-Effective Pedagogy

Artifact 1: Fifth Grade Math Lesson Plan and Professor Observation Evaluations

Description: This is a math lesson I taught during my practicum class work at Hurricane Elementary in Mr. Zaleski’s fifth grade class during the Fall 2011 semester. Associate Professor in the Education Department at Dixie State College, Nancy Hauck, observed, and evaluated my presentation.

Rationale: This artifact substantiates my ability to create effective and meaningful instruction for students. State standards are aligned with content and language objectives and assessment evidence. During this lesson, I used high level learning strategies including talk and argument throughout the whole group discussion.  Technology was one of the aspects of this lesson that enhanced student learning.

Math Lesson Title: Review pie graphs, mean & median, fraction and degree comparison
I. Power point/Smartboard Lesson Plan
II. Teaching evaluation and SIOP

Artifact 2: Social Science/History Lesson Plan

Description: I constructed and taught this social science/history lesson plan during my practicum work in Mr. Zaleski’s class, Fall semester 2011.

Rationale: This artifact provides evidence of meaningful instruction through use of technology which is apparent in the power point presentation I created. This lesson plan met the required curriculum standards which are recorded in the walk-away section of the lesson plan on page one. I also generated two assessments for the purpose of promoting self-motivation, and to provide an opportunity for students to increase their individual education through expansion of internal locus construct. As a point of interest, there were only two out of twenty-four students, both minimal-proficiency learning level in the social science subject area that selected the assessment that required higher level learning. They both scored 75% on the assessment.

Social Science/History Lesson Title: Three Branches of Government
I. Social Science/History Power Point Presentation
II. Assessment Option 1 & 2

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