Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Biographical Sketch

                I have a great appreciation for the teachers that have influenced the lives of my children through education. I have watched masterful teachers inspire these children through their influence and love of education.  As my children have grown, I have gained a great desire to also teach and influence as these teachers have exemplified.
                I have a genuine interest in children and education.  I feel I have high levels of resourcefulness and creativity, along with strong organization and planning skills that will help me achieve success in teaching. I also have enthusiasm for learning and love to transfer that enthusiasm to the children with which I am teaching. I have a strong desire to better understand emotional intelligence which gives me the interest to work with students that are challenged in problem solving and self-regulation.
                My goals and ambitions are to continue my personal learning through formal education as well as informal, self-teaching motivated by interests. I intend to be a life-long learner and hold high expectations for myself and my students. I believe in all possibilities of individuals achieving what they put their minds to when accompanied by increased knowledge. I look forward to acting as catalyst in the lives of future students.

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