Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Jan G. Last
1194 S. 180 W.
Hurricane, UT 84737

Professional Profile
Experience in creating unit and lesson plans using State and Common Core Curriculum. Dedicated to and capable of differentiated instruction in sheltered classroom. Focused on Emotional Intelligence application that promotes increased student self-regulation, problem solving capability, and self-motivation.

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
  •       Dixie state College           St. George, Utah              Expected Date of Graduation     May 2012
  • ·         Utah Level One Educator License
  • ·         ESL Endorsement
  • ·         Astronomy Education Project with Dr. Nancy Hauck
  • ·         Dixie State College International Student Program with Dr. Chizu Matsubara
  • ·         Presented at I-TESOL Conference
  • ·         Selected as Student of the Semester
  • ·         Praxis Score:  173

Relevant Experience
                Student Teaching             Grade 4              LaVerkin Elementary                      LaVerkin, Utah
  • ·         Prepared lesson plans and objectives using State Core and Common Core
  • ·         Developed science unit on fossils
  • ·         Developed math unit on data and probability
  • ·         Participated in Professional Learning Communities

Practicum            Grade 1                Washington Elementary                               Washington, Utah
                             Grade 3                Coral Canyon Elementary                           Washington, Utah
                             Grade 5                Hurricane Elementary                                  Hurricane, Utah
  • ·         Emotional intelligence education assistance with  behavior student and parent
  •       Developed measurement and data math common core lesson integrated with physical fitness core
  •       Developed self government social studies lesson using Smartboard technology

Classroom Observations          Grade 4              Bloomington Elementary              St. George, Utah
                                                  All grades          Coral Canyon elementary             Washington, Utah
  • ·         Specifically observed master teachers using differentiated education  in sheltered instruction
  • ·         Hurricane Intermediate School Peer Mediator Council
  • ·         Soccer Coach for children ages 5-11

Work History
  • ·         Private and group piano lesson teacher                Students ages 5 -20
  • ·         Fundraiser for GBL Foundation                           Organized golf tournaments and raised capital                                                                                                           

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