Sunday, October 30, 2011


Artifact 1: My Philosophy of Building Community

Description: This artifact is an article that includes my objectives for community building within a classroom. It defines five aspects that promote high levels of cooperative interaction among students.

Rationale: This artifact supports the evidence that as a teacher, I can create an emotionally safe classroom environment that will promote cooperative interaction within the classroom community. The concepts I have included in this article are supported by theories of Alfie Kohn, William Purkey, and Jim Fay.

Paper: Building Community

Artifact 2: Emotional Intelligence research paper

Description: This is a research paper I wrote on the topic of Emotional Intelligence during Spring semester 2009, while attending a pre-requisite course for the Elementary Education Program.

Rationale: Through my study and research of emotional Intelligence, I have recognized that all the principles promoted by this area of intelligence align seamlessly with this DESERT environment subject matter. Through the research and study of Emotional Intelligence, I am better equipped to create an emotionally safe classroom, encourage active learning, and promote self-motivation as well as cooperative interaction with students.

Paper:Emotional Intelligence Research Paper

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