Friday, January 6, 2012

Standard VI: Collaborating with Community

1. Division of Child and Family Services
377 A East Riverside Dr.
St. George, UT 84790-6714
Office: 435-652-2960
24-Hour Child Abuse Reporting: 877-797-3237

This organization serves children and families impacted by domestic violence. Child abuse in the state of Utah is defineed by domestic violence witnessed by children. Twenty-seven percent of all Child Protective Service allegations are domestic violence related. These are the services offered:
-Safety planning
-Community resource planning
-Protective order assistance
-Community Education

2. Head Start Program
494 E. 900 S.
St. George, UT 84790

Head Start is focused on school readiness, which the Head Start program believes should incorporate the total well being of the child. This holistic approach to school readiness includes ensuring the stability and well being of the child’s family. Head Start, therefore, is a comprehensive pre-school program. Concern for both the child and family’s health is a part of the Head Start and Early Head Start program. This organization is the most successful national school readiness program in the United States. It provides services to low income children and families. This organization promotes education in these main areas:
-Social/emotional health
-Parent leadership skills
-Grow up great (financial counseling for families)
-School readiness

3. Department of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD)
377 E Riverside Dr.
Bldg. B Suite A
St. George, UT 84790

DSPD provides long-term services and support for people with disabilities. This organization encourages their program participants, through self-determination, to fully participate in their communities. The main areas of focus are community living, day services, supported employment services, support for people with disabilities and their families, and public awareness of exceptional people. Eligibility for these services can be challenging, due to funding and timing issues. Therefore, a waiting list has been created. This organization serves people with the following disabilities:
-Intellectual Disability
-Cerebral Palsy
-Acquired brain injury
-Adults with physical disabilities

4. Children's Justice Center
441 E 500 S
St. George, UT 84770

The purpose of this organization is to provide a comfortable, child-friendly place for children to receive services during an abuse investigation process. Centers were originally established to serve children 17 years of age or younger that are victims of physical or sexual abuse. In recent years, there has been an increased demand for services for other crimes involving children, such as domestic violence, drug abuse, and internet-exploitation. A brochure from the Children’s Justice Center suggested that if a report of child abuse is being made, to call the Division of Child and Family Services first. The following services are provided:
-A comfortable, child-friendly atmosphere for abused children to receive services during the investigative process.
-To minimize the number of times a child may be interviewed.
-To encourage efficient processing of cases by sharing information and using coordination.

5. Southwest Center (Mental Health Services)
474 W 200 N
St. George, UT 84770

The purpose of this organization is many-fold. They offer every kind of service that is related to drug abuse, treatment, and education. They also provide mental health services. The following is a detailed list of what they offer.
-Rehabilitation services
-Rehabilitation centers
-Alcohol and drug abuse information and treatment
-Clinics and medical centers
-Drug and alcohol detection and testing

6. Hope Pregnancy Center
427 West 100 South
Suite B
St. George, UT 84770
(Hotline) 800-395-HELP

Hope Pregnancy Care Center is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping women in the Washington County area facing a crisis pregnancy. The purpose is to counsel and educate girls and women in a crisis pregnancy, or who think they may be pregnant. All services are free and confidential. They offer the following services:
-Pregnancy tests
-Peer counseling
-Complete information on options
-Abstinence presentations

7. Doctor's Free Clinic
1036 E. Riverside Drive
St. George, UT 84790

The Doctor's Volunteer Clinic of St. George is a private, non-profit, community-based health care clinic. They provide quality medical care with respect and compassion to the children and adults in the community who are uninsured, homeless or living in poverty. They provide access to quality health care, preventative education, and assist the patients with management of their health care needs. Each day of the week is set aside for specific specialties.
-Monday: Thursday General Medical Clinic & Mental health clinic
-Tuesday: Gynecology Clinic
-Wednesday: Hypertension Clinic
-Thursday: Dental Clinic & Dental Screenings

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